Dickens Village lot of 33 (14 bldgs - 19 accessories)

Dickens Village lot of 33 (15 buildings - 19 accessories)

While all the Dept 56 Villages have their own special beauty, it is the warmth and charm of the Dickens Village that won my heart.

Every building has many little treasures to be discovered, no matter from which side you view a piece. What fun it is to see how the young and the old will study the village display, and to watch the smiles light up their faces as they conjure up their own little fantasy. My photos do not do justice to these wonderfully created buildings and accessories. Space is limited.

Whether adding on, getting started, or giving a gift, this combination of buildings and accessories will suit your purpose. All pieces are in excellent condition with no damage that I can see (some dusty). The KINGS ROAD CAB is the only accessory damaged: one of the horse reins (black string, which you can see in one photo)is broken.

All of the buildings and accessories come in original packaging and include light cords. Boxes (for which t is no photo due to limited photo space), range from very fine condition to showing their age (11 to 18 years old). In any event, the packaging continues to serve the purpose of protecting and identifying the contents. I believe all pieces are now retired.

I have 3 groups houses, each w/front view
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