Dickens Village "North Eastern Sea Fisheries Ltd" MIB!

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Dickens Village Collection

Item number: 58316

"North Eastern Sea Fisheries Ltd. "

Introduced in 1998, Retired in 1999. This building lands incoming seafood, which is bought and sold by the costermongers in the city streets. Seafood lovers relish the many varieties to be purchased here, from sole and oysters to shrimp and salmon. A young Dickens had experience working in a warehouse atmosphere like this, and he used his knowledge to create colorful characters of the working class.

Mint condition piece in original box & sleeve.

Heritage Village Collection

Building is in MINT condition, no chips, cracks, mars, breaks or fading. It is are clean and odor free. It has been carefully stored away in its original sleeve (photo #5) and styrofoam protector with the plastic wrapping still around the church. The light and cord are neatly coiled and secured. The flag that hangs on the outside of the church is in its plastic pouch. (Detaches).

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