Dickson's Mounds ILL rp postcard Indian skeletons

Wow, I love researching things.

This cool real photo postcard, is of Dr. Don Dickson ( I believe), kneeling next to his archeaological discovery. I believe the photo may be from 1920's - 1930's. However the postcard may of been produced in the 40's after the area became a state park.

The postcard front reads "DICKSON'S MOUNDS STATE PARK ILL. 3462". The postcard is unused.

I would like to thank the following website for their great information http://www./ipo/1990/ii901221.html which is the following :

Dr. Don Dickson, a Fulton County chiropractor and amateur anthropologist, could hardly have anticipated the fire storm of controversy that would ultimately engulf the skeletons he carefully excavated in the most famous mounds of the Illinois Valley. According to Harn, Dickson could literally walk from the back door of his home directly onto mounds that were the product of the late Woodland and Mississippian cultures (the most famous site of the latter group being Cahokia Mounds in the East St. Louis area). The mounds that Dickson discovered -- and which still bear his family name -- date from 900 to 1250 A.D. The Dickson family claimed the land during the Civil War era, and around that time the first skeletons were detected while family members were planting an apple orchard. In 1927 Dickson began
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