Old Die Cut Cookbook PRESERVING RECIPES Atlas Jar Canning Harland Virginia Cooks

Old Advertising Promotional DIE CUT Cookbook - Preserving Recipes Worth Preserving

Published by the manufacturers of Atlas E-Z Seal Jars

Die Cut in the shape of a canning jar.

Front features a young woman holding an Atlas E-Z Seal Jar

Features information about Atlas E-Z Seal Jars, plus promotion of the United States Government recommendation for the Jar.

Includes instructions for preserving fruit, vegetables. Instructions for handling jars, testing jars and opening a jar.

There are recipes provided by Marion Harland - including, Preserved Pears, Crabapples, plums, green grapes, cherries, pineapple, brandied peaches, peaches, strawberries, ripe tomato preserves, green tomato pickle, sweet pickles, chow-chow, pickled peaches, pickled cherries, pickled beets, chutney.

Great 'Recipes of Famous Virginia Cooks', including, Cherry Conserve, Plum Conserve, Gingered Pears, Keeping Pineapples, Tomato Preserves, Preserved Citron, Strawberry Preserves, Gooseberry Jam, Peach Preserves, Chopped Cucumber Pickle, Pineapple Marmalade, Sweet German Pickle.

Soft cover, measuring 2-7/8 inches X 6-1/4 inches, containing 20 pages.

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