DIE ERROR 1926-S Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar Beautiful Rainbow toning

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Up for grabs is a SPECIAL 1926-S Oregon Trail Commemorative Half Dollar
a Nice bluish rainbow toning is what these are known for
this one has some added bonus features also
looks like a double die error on "1926" and above it
in the "Oregon trail memorial"
and the other side where the "T" meets the east coast it's split
Please see photo's
Here is a Survivor coin I have had for 10+ years. The coin Is RAW and kept in it's coin sleeve.
I removed it using cotton gloves just for pictures.
I have taken several pictures under different types of light to give you the best prospective of this coin.
If I had to do it all over again I would join PCGS and submit this coin to them myself!
But It's gotta go!
Good day!