diecast antique brass mini pencil sharpeners


Antique Zinc collectable Pencil Sharpeners

20 pc.

This bid is for a Lot of 20 . They range in years from 1976 through the mid 80's. They all include their original boxes. Some boxes and in good/excellent shape, while others have water damage. (poor shape)

The sharpeners are all in pretty good shape. Most would be considered excellent condition, though a couple are showing signs of aging.

Each sharpener was made in Hong Kong.

They include:

Mark Twain River boat, guitar, desk, harp, bass, grand piano, baby grand piano, water pump with bucket, spinning wheel, saxaphone, trumpet, tank, cement mixer, wood burning stove, washstand, Bar-b-que grill, wash tub, fireplace, Television, and a Grandfather clock.