Diecast Kenworth Logging Truck and Log Trailer.

This is a Diecast 1:32 scale kenworth 6 axle logger with load. Truck is made of Diecast metal/stainless/aluminum/brass and plastic parts.

Truck and trailer bunks both turn freely. As you see in the pictures I've modified this truck to compensate like the real thing as it turns. Look at the compensator sliding out in a hard turn and then skips back in as the truck straightens out. There's a screw on the end of the reach you can tighten in order to pull trailer empty.

Custom cab protector with brass screened in area and stainless gusset mounts. Custom lift axle single axle like the real ones you see in the Pacific Northwest . Trailer fits properly over the bunk and down tight behind the stakes. Trailer has been fitted with a lift strap. Need a cat log loader for this? See my other auction with a cat log loader that scales up to this great!

I ship anywhere in the world through eBay global shipping program.