Dietzgen (Lasico?) 1100CP Dual 18" Pole Arm & Rolling Carriage Polar Planimeter

This auction is for a Lasico?? Dietzgen Model 1100 CP "Large Area "Easy Read" Optical Planimeter
First, let me state that my research on this has revealed NOTHING about this particular model. The only thing that is interesting to me is that I've found a similar catalog to the one included with this planimeter that would indicate it's a Lasico Model 1100CP....possibly made by Dietzgen (made in USA). The catalog included has no dates or indication that it's a Lasico catalog, but there's examples of the same catalog with Lasico written on the front on both ebay and in google images.
Here's the details from the catalog: (also see pics of item specific pages and front of catalog)
1) This is an "Easy Read" Large Area Optical Planimeter
2) Width of 32" and unlimited length due to the rolling carriage
3) Ratio 1" = 1", smallest reading = 0.1 sq. in.
The catalog states that the Model 1100 is the planimeter with extra long 18" pole arm and tracer arm, the 1100C model is the planimeter with carriage and tracer arm, and the 1100CP model is the combined set of 2 - tracer arm + carriage + extra 18" pole arm included. Therefore, this unit is the Model 1100CP.
Item Condition:
All pieces are in the original wooden latching case. The case is in vintage used condition but very much sturdy and complete. The case is quite
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