(9) DIFF 08/09 Upper Deck Ser.2 Hockey GW JSYs

Winning bidder will receive the (9) 08/09 UD Series 2 GW JSYs in this scan.

Paypal only and must be received within 7 days of auction's close.

S/H USA $2.99 Canada $3.99 International $4.99

*The seller (ME) assumes no responsibility for lost mail (domestic or international) if INSURANCE IS NOT PURCHASED.

Dave1...chillin' up in T.C.? Name that price for that picture of your ex-pet!

Polanco is hustlin'...IN THE CLASSROOM!!!

Dave2 is the NASCAR INSERT, toploader and spacer CHAMP!!!

Walker is in the armed forces somew now.

Billy is looking for a job in CALI again.

Rick will hopefully sit in my Tigers seats for his better half's birthday. .