4 diff.1995 California duck stamps - #26; MNH; Robert Steiner, Snow Geese

Winner gets the MNH, 1995 California duck stamps (#CA26) pictured here. This is a real hodge-podge and I'm not sure what's going on here. Because of the various straight edges and only one piece of selvedge it's difficult to tell if these came from the booklet pane or from the souvenir sheet. What I can tell you is that all of the stamps appear to have come from the same "block", whether it be the Pane or the SS. The numbers on the back begin w/#000115 and the individual stamps are then #s 09-12 from UL to LR (i.e., 000115-09, etc.). I have no idea how or why this block was broken up the way it was but here it is. Stamps are generally clean & fresh - very nice! See scan for more details. PLEASE NOTE: Because PayPal charges me a set fee on every payment I receive I ask that you please hold off on making your PayPal payment until you are done bidding - Thank You (I ask this if you are bidding on more than one item ending on the same day or, on some occasions, within the next several days). APS170333. S&H is FREE!! (to U.S. ONLY!). [INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS! - If you want to bid on this item please email me first for a quote on S&H. If you don’t think there’s enough time left on the auction to receive a response, then please wait until I send you an invoice before making any payment.]. Lot sent upon receipt of proper payment. ... read more