Digidesign M Box Pro 2

This item is sold as hardware only, no software is included. Please check to ensure compatibility with your operating system and recording software.Mbox 2 Pro was designed by the same engineering team responsible for Digidesign’s professional Pro Tools|HD® systems used in top studios around the world. The result: Mbox 2 Pro features a highly robust hardware design while delivering studio-grade audio specifications, ensuring maximum reliability and professional sonic performance.� The mic preamps in Mbox 2 Pro are among the best you’ll find in any mobile audio interface, delivering superior dynamic range, plenty of headroom, and an extremely low noise floor. Mbox 2 Pro communicates with your Windows XP– or Mac OS X–based computer via a high-speed FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection, and can be powered from a laptop’s FireWire port for totally mobile operation. With a wide variety of input and output connections, Mbox 2 Pro enables you to plug a mic, bass and/or guitar, and synthesizer or keyboard.� Mbox 2 Pro includes two DI inputs on the front of the interface for easily connecting instrument-level sources. In addition, level controls, peak indicators, pads, and phantom power for condenser mics make Mbox 2 Pro perfect for tracking nearly any kind of instrument. If you have a thing for vinyl, Mbox 2 Pro even includes a built-in phono ... read more