Digital Bill Coin Jar Piggy Bank w/ Currency Savings Counter FAST SHIP NEW

BRAND NEW Zillionz Bill and Coin Jar


Product Features

Coin slot recognizes the value of each coin Digital display shows your saving balance Accepts bill currency Push button currency counter Balance guard - always keeps your balance even if batteries need replacing

Product Description

Bill and coin money jar recognizes the value of each coin as you drop them in the slot. And the digital display still shows your balance as it grows. But, we’ve added new features that make this the ultimate money jar. The currency slot lets you add bills—$1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s. Press the currency buttons for whatever bills you insert and it adds to the total on the digital display. And, we've included the new balance guard technology. It remembers your balance even when replacing batteries. And, finally, you can customize thee look of your jar. Simply by adding any graphic, such as photos or magazine clippings, to the clear inner wall you can customize this sleek design to reflect your personal savings goal. How about a clipping of that vacation getaway you'll be saving for.

This Summit Digital Money Jar is part bank, part money manager, part motivator. This brainy bank does more than just store coins. It knows the value of each coin or bill you deposit and adds
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