Digital Electric Drum Kit 3 Toms, High-hat, Snare, Ride, Crash

I purchased this drum kit for my son less than one year ago. It cost £349 new and really hasn't had much use. It's all in perfect working order.
It has just about everything a drum kit needs with a fully interchangeable and programmable on board computer to set the kit exactly as you want it. I have cut and pasted the specifications from the catalogue for a better description.

One of this kits most noticeable features is the fact that at fist glance, it appears to have no cables and this is due to the kit's cleverly designed setup. All cabling is hidden within the rack, saving on potential damage from tripping, making it ideal for use in smaller practice spaces and bedrooms.

This kit has a USB port for easy connection to a PC allowing you to link up to tuition software and upgrade sounds. Main and headphone inputs are also present and an all important mix in socket so you can plug in your iPod or other MP3 Player. If you are wanting learn to play the drums and have a limited budget and limited space, then this is definitely the Kit for you.


DD501 Drum Kit

Compact & Attractive design Cable free Quiet & Responsive drum pads Realistic range of drum sounds built-in to the module USB interface built into the Module for easy connection to a PC

Kit Comprises:

3x Tom
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