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The Islamic digital ebook EL1000 with TFT 7 inch touch colour LCD display is the complete Digital Islamic Encyclopaedia with Quran translations in more than 30 languages; a collection of Tafseer Books, Hadith Books, Islamic History books, Supplications (du’aas) & other Islamic Books.
Islamic Multimedia content and interactive Islamic Flash presentations makes it an ideal Islamic Encyclopaedia for every home.

Product Features:

7 inch colour TFT LCD with Touch Screen Slim, Compact and Light Weight Islamic ebook Innovative design and executive look Quran in Uthmanic style and displayed identical to the printed Quran mushaf with ayah highlighting and recitation in the voices of different Reciters Touch any Ayah on the page to start recitation from that Ayah Multiple Ayahs can be read on one Page like an audio book The Complete Quran in digital format with audio recitation with selection of Surah, Ayah, Translation and Reciters Quran translation in 35 famous languages Display of both Ayah and translation in one display Image viewer to see images & photos of your choice Tafseer, hadiths, History & other Islamic Books Prayer Timings & Qibla Direction for major cities of the world MP3/Audio/Video Player Flash Animation support

Audio Recitation (Tilawah):

The built-in speakers in Islamic ebook
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