Digitech GSP-21 Pro firmware upgrade GSP21 Legend 2.10

GSP21 Legend Firmware Upgrade Chip
Version 2.10
also called "Pro to Legend Upgrade"
You are bidding at the original Digitech Firmware "Legend 2.10" for the Digitech GSP21, GSP21 Pro and GSP21 Legend effects processors.
This upgrade works for ANY GSP21, GSP21 Pro or GSP21 Legend !

Check your installed firmware-version!!!
- switch on the unit
- press the “UTILITY” button
- press the “PARAMETER ←” or “PARAMETER →” button more times to reach the function “Software Version” – The display shows the installed software version.
- If the display reads: “ Digitech LEGEND Version 2.1 ” you already have the latest version installed.
- If you are unsure, please tell me what is shown at the display before you bid!!!
- press the “UTILITY” button to exit the utility menu

What you will get in this auction:
The complete firmware upgrade chip to Legend 2.10 with detailed installation manual in English (or German - your choice)
This upgrade will make a GSP-21 Legend 2.10 out of any GSP21, GSP21 Pro or GSP21 Legend !

You will need a new user manual!!!
After you have upgraded to Legend 2.10 you will need a new user manual because the operation functions change with this software!
You can download the new user manual for free !
Item Condition:
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