NEW! DigiTech TSR-24 True Stereo Reverb / Multi-Effects

NEW DigiTech TSR-24 True Stereo Reverb/Multi-Effects Processor
FX Reverb Delay Chorus Pitch Shift EQ Flanger Arpeggiator & Sampler

Brand-New Condition with All Original Manuals!
Purchased from Music Store Surplus – New Unused.
No box or warranty, but still in NEW condition!


Digital Multi-FX and Sampler in One Rack Space

105 Factory FX Programs and 20 Algorithms

128 User FX Programs and 32 Algorithms

Balanced or Unbalanced Input and Output

48 kHz Sampler


Professional Studio Recording

Disc Jockey DJ

Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar or Bass

Live or Recording Acoustic or Electronic Instruments

User Reviews from Harmony Central

“ This is one of the most flexible effects processors in its class given its unlimited routing capabilities. ...

It is quiet. I currently use it with a Bogner 101B. Since it has two independent channels I use one channel for before the preamp and one for the parallel effects loop. If your levels are set correctly the thing works great. The ability to do this setup with one unit is what makes this unit ideal for a guitarist . It works just as good for PA effect applications. ”

“ I run this in my rack after plenty of analog pedals
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