In an effort to bring you the "wierdest" and "rarest" Cels from DILBERT TV CARTOON SHOW, Nigelwackenfrets provides the finest quality CELS on EBAY and in the world.

we have Two Cels the GARBAGEMAN holding a broken starter carrying on a colloquy with DILBERT . The DILBERT CARTOON SHOW was famous for product placement: This Glossy background is no exception as the garbage truck has a BOSTON RED SOX BUMPER STICKER.

No ADDED Shipping on TWO or more CELS bought at the same time.

This auction is for an original Production Art Cel from the 1999 Season of the Dilbert TV Cartoon show. This is an original production art cel accompanied by a glossy presentation background. Size is 13"x11".

This is the real thing: backpainted cel art. Now a lost art as Dilbert was the next to the last hand painted cartoon show prior to the transition to digital. Availability of cels with this nice a presentation of Dilbert character are not widely available.

These Dilbert episodes originally were broadcast on the UPN network, These cels are highly collectable and are accompanied by certificate that this is authentic DILBERT TV CARTOON PRODUCTION ART.

I hope to become one of your favorite Sellers; I invite your inquiries and will help any buyer with quick replies.

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