Dimebag guitar signed by Pantera+more

This is a must for any Dimebag/Pantera fan.First is a Washburn dimebag signature guitar(headstock acually says Diamond Darrell Signature Model)signed by all of Pantera.I got the signatures at an in-store signing in Idianapolis,IN at Karma records during their last ozzfest tour in 2000 i believe.I put a clear lamination sticker over autographs so they wouldnt rub off.Second is a Washburn Dimebag Camoflauged V.Both guitars are in great shape i dont really play guitar,i bought them for show Both guitars come with a gig bag also.Third is a Vinnie Paul Signature drumstick made by vic firth used by the man himself on their Far Beyond Driven tour.You can see w he cut the ends with a razorblade for better grip,cause he plays on the butt ends.And last is a Lifesize cardboard cutout of Dimebag holding the Dean From Hell also in great shape.Im not too thrilled about getting rid of this stuff but i need a new drumset so let the bidding begin.

I,ve also decided to throw in the White Dean Dime-o-flauge guitar that can be seen in the background in the picture of the cardboard standup.Dean has no case.Thanks.