Dimethylglyoxime for Testing Meteorites

Dimethylglyoxime is the main ingredient used in the making of Meteorite Testing Kits. When mixed with Muratic Acid found at any hardware store, along with distilled water, and some common household Ammonia, you will now have a Kit to test for Meteorites. The Testing Kit detects Nickel, which 99.9% of all Meteorites have, and that Nickel is 100 times more abundant in a Meteorite than any Rock found on Earth. If a rock tested positive for Nickel chances are very good you have yourself a Meteorite.

For sale is 1 gram of Dimethylglyoxime enough to make 4 Test Kits. Instructions on making and using the test kit are included.

I'm a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association and Guarantee every Meteorite to be Authentic. Buy your Meteorites with confidence, Satisfaction Guaranteed. IMCA # 6779

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Photo # 3 is the results from a acual test, No Color or slight Pink Color is NOT a Meteorite, Bright Strawberry Red Color YES it is a Meteorite. The test used a Pea Size piece of material and 5 drops of the Acid / Chemical solution, Let sit for 1 min then add 7 drops of Household Ammonia, solution changes instantly if it's a Meteorite.