Diner Real Photo Postcard PC signed by Samuel Kullman

This is arguably one of the most significant diner postcards in existence. It is a real photo postcard, showing the interior of a Kullman Diner on the front side, and a signed personal message from Samuel Kullman, on the verso, imploring a potential buyer of a Kullman Diner to consider making a purchase. The card dates from 1933. The photographic image is still very strong. T is one minor crease near the bottom corner of the card, and a very faint stain on the back side. Kullman Diners were among the finest made. This is a rare opportunity to own a very important part of diner history. Contact me with any questions before bidding. I will be traveling from Weds. 11/15-Mon. 11/20, but will be checking messages and will get back to you as soon as possible. May the higher bidder win. Good luck.