DINKY Reproduction Box 972 20-Ton Lorry Mounted Crane 'Coles'


Repro Box

972 - 20-Ton Lorry Mounted Crane 'Coles'

.Our Boxes: All our box images are taken from original boxes, remastered, new fonts and printed on high quality paper, which is then stuck on thick, strong, grey card as per originals. These will fit nicely into your dinky collection and offer great protection for your models.

We do all we can to offer you the best value repro boxes on the net, while maintaining quality.

We ship world wide - ask for prices

Paypal, Postal Orders, Cheques, & Credit Cards Accepted (Visa/Master Card - min order £10)

P&P within the UK £5.20

(Sorry its Royal Mails New Pricing for parcels over 8cm deep, yes its cheaper to send it to Australia than to the next street)

EU £4.50

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