This is a nice set of dinnerware that will match any existing set or add the white as accent pieces to your colored dishes. They were purchased my me in the 1960's with S & H Green Stamps, if you never heard of these, you got stamps from purchases at the grocery store, pasted them in books and redeemed them for various items. Plates are white with a silver border, t are 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 saucers, 8 cups, 8 soup plates, 1 round server dish and 1 oval meat platter, sugar bowl with lid and creamer. T are 2 chips on the sugar bowl as shown in picture, one on each side and on one dinner plate about a 3 inch drack in the center ( does not go through to bottom of plate) Dishes are white with silver trim. I am selling these because they are not being used, people like paper plates and I am downsizing for the new condo.