DINO: XLarge MOLDAVITE Sterling Pendant - Green Tektite Czech Republic - 8.9 gr


This is an all natural and authentic, Raw Moldavite crystal sterling silver pendant, straight from the Czech Republic. Weighing 8.9 grams. Great shape and texture! Measures approx. 1.65" x .80" x .30" at it's widest points.

Moldavite has emerged as one of the healing crystals most prized by metaphysical users, and hundreds of stories about its transformational properties have been told. It has been credited with innumerable powerful life changes.

Spiritual Healing Properties: The common wisdom is that Moldavite crystal is a catalyst for inner evolution towards one's highest good. The changes it brings can be intense and rapid, but they are, by all accounts, significant and valuable to the individual. The healing can occur in the physical body, one's chakra system, one's dream life, one's awareness of healing spirit guides and other aspects of the spiritual dimensions, one's career, one's relationships and just about any other dimension of life where crystal healing can be useful.

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