Dinosaur Fossil Thescelosaur Ungual Claw Nice ckp1237

Real DinosaurFossils from the Famous
Hell Creek Formation of N.E. Montana, USA
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W elcome to our authentic dinosaur fossil auctions on eBay. All of the fossils presented were collected on private land in N.E. Montana in the world famous Hell Creek Formation. Each fossil comes with a certificate of authenticity. All of the fossils were prepared at the CK Preparations lab located in Fort Peck, Montana. Each fossil has been cleaned professionally using a Comco Micro blaster and stabilized using museum accepted consolidants (Vinac and Cyanoacrylate) to ensure the fossil will hold up to handling. Unless mentioned, t has been no restoration done to the fossil other than surface cleaning and stabilization. We guarantee that each fossil is as described/pictured or better!
Item: Thescelosaur Ungual
Size: 1mm between lines on ruler (25mm = 1 inch)
Collection Area: Channel Deposit, sub-surface, Garfield County, Montana, Upper Hell Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous (65-68mya)
Collection Date: 4/7/2010
Preparation Date: 4/9/2010
Sediment: Coarse Sand (grains the size of table salt), reddish in color, high energy water flow, most areas contain shell fragments with the fossil. Layer below is a mudstone
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