Dinosaur--Study Guide to LaBrea tar Pits

Okay collectors, we go with round 3. This item is from the estate of the late Harold "Riff" Smith, one of the world's foremost collector's of dinosauria and mermaid memorabilia. Riff's collection will be auctioned on ebay over the upcoming months and includes many choice and vintage items as well as most modern day collectibles and ephemera as well. Proceeds from these auctions are going to Riff's estate. Please check back daily as items will be listed as they are unboxed .

This is one of the best ephemera items in Riff's stash. This is a loose leaf periodical called "Trapped in Time: Study Guide to the Fossils of Rancho LaBrea." George Page Museum of LaBrea Discoveries. It emanates from the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. It has individual loose leaf 8x11 heavy stock sheets depicting the fossil and photo of the creatures at the museum. It also has a schematic of the museum. T's also loose leaf pages o different topics related to the tar pits such as "entrpament" and "labrea Envirnment," etc. For those that collect paper and ephemra this is a choice item indeed and one I had persoanlly had never seen prior. 24 loose leafs in all wrapped in the binder.

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