Two Dinosaurs, Green Running T-Rex and Spinosaurus Toy Figures Replicas Papo NEW

Two Dinosaur Toy Figures - T-Rex and Spinosaurus Sixty-six million years ago, these are the kinds of toys doting reptile parents gave to their dinosaur offspring. Now your mammalian children can play with these same replica dinosaurs...

This is great if you are buying for twins ...

Papo Green Running T-Rex Toy Figure

Green T-Rex - New highly detailed dinosaur to add to your collection. This T-Rex has an articulated mouth. Part of the Prehistoric Animal Collection.

More than 15 years ago, Papo decided to create animals, princesses, dragons and knights. They strive to manufacture long-lasting, beautiful toys. Quality of the design and materials used remains their main concern. Another special characteristic of their figurines is the care in the details and postures, which gives the impression that the figurines are animated. Each are hand painted and are manufactured to very strict specifications. Lastly, Papo figures are created to assist the support of play and development. The diversity of their products and the interaction of different worlds also stimulate the creativity and imagination of children of all ages.

This new highly detailed dinosaur has an articulated mouth that opens and closes He is about 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide Papo strives to manufacture long-lasting, high quality dinosaurs
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