dioptase crystals on matrix tsumeb Micro micromount

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You get the exact one shown : # 3480

This crystal is featured in a video ! To check it out , click the triangle to start the video player.

Click triangle to start video player . The crystal for sale in this listing is the 3rd one shown . If you have a fast internet connection you can see the video in high quality . To do this , just double click the triangle , and when the page opens select “VIEW IN HIGH QUALITY” which is just under the player screen on the right hand side .

. This dioptase specimen has bright green vivid color and a druse coating of sparkling , glittery crystals . If you examine it with a loupe or magnifying glass , you can see the nicely formed crystals. Super nice specimen Size is 1 3/4" x 1/2" We now offer PROPAY , which lets you use your check ,debit card , or a credit card , without having to open an account ! This slide show was taken december 2007 when the film crew for Cash and Treasures show on the Travel Channel came out to film me digging for gemstones in my pay to dig mine : the hogg mine in Lagrange , Georgia . You can click the cube to freeze and expand the individual pictures. These photos show me at work &
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