Dirty Bear Tobacco Pipe - Rock Maple

Dirty Bear Pipes
Dirty Bear salutes to being a man. We are tired of looking around and seeing a world of full grown boys. Our pipes embrace and support what it is to be a man, a true man. We want to encourage and symbolize biblical manliness. Put down that fancy pipe and pick up a Dirty Bear. Our pipes are handcrafted straight from the northwoods of Wisconsin. Literally handmade from the point of the sawing the wood and drying it, to burning on the bear claws. The pipes are tough, rustic looking, and completely all-natural. So you won't be gettin' cancer from stains or preservatives in the wood (just the tobacco, haha). These pipes feature a three-teir bowl, making proper packing easier. So pick up a Dirty Bear, and embrace true manliness.
The new Maple Dirty Bears are rock hard, this pipe is gonna last ya. This is Dirty Bear's favorite wood. Simple, dependable, and has an awesome hint of maple syrup as you develop the cake. Suggested pick by the maker of Dirty Bear!
The pipe you will receive will most likely not be the one pictured (as it has probably already been sold). Each Dirty Bear is same in design but unique to the piece of wood used to make it. No two Dirty Bears are identical!
Keep and eye out for further news with Dirty Bear, as both a company and ministry. Have a great day, and MAN UP!
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