**Discharge Doom Punk Studded Leather Jacket UK 82**

Here we got a classic UK 82 Style studded leather jacket up for grabs.
Bands on the jacket are: DISCHARGE (With NEVER AGAIN album cover) DOOM (classic logo) NCP (Stands for Nickle City Punx, Buffalo New York)
Buttons on the jacket: WITCH HUNT GODEATER DROPDEAD "RAISE HELL" (Pewter pin with grim reaper)
I have completely studded the back of this jacket, as well as the collar and shoulder straps. The leather itself is in awesome condition, but the inside lining where the pockets are has holes in it due to me wearing my bullet belt with the jacket. It's easily repairable if you just patch it up. This jacket is from my D-Beat/Grind days, and I haven't worn it in years. Even if you don't like the bands on this, you could remove the names with some "Awesome" spray from the dollar store.
I would say it's a medium in men's. I wear a small t-shirt and it fits me perfectly. Says "40" on the inside of the jacket.
I suppose now due to popular music, a Lady Gaga fan could wear this for Halloween...
Shipping will be $15, it's got a good amount of weight on it, definitely good for Fall/Winter. I am willing to ship outside of the US, but additional costs will apply.
Thanks for looking,