Discovery of America 1621 Colombus Gorgeous 18 plates

Nova Typis Transacta Navigatio. Novi Orbis Indiae Occidentalis 1621

The book has been called one of the most idiosyncratic books published on the discovery of America. The presumed author, Caspar Plautius was the abbot of the Benedictine monastery Seitenstetten in Austria, and was also the person to whom the book was dedicated by the fictitious author, Honorio Philopono. Most of the book describes the exploits of the Benedictine priest Bernard Buil of Montserrat, who accompanied Columbus on his second voyage and led a team of papal-appointed missionaries to the peoples of the Americas. Not content with recounting Buil's adventures, Plautius begins the book with a lengthy and fantastic account of the voyage of the Atlantic voyages of St. Brendan, the 5th century Irish monk. The text is accompanied by a set of extraordinary prints depicting. The work is nonetheless filled with authentic details of Caribbean customs, agricultural products (t is one engraving of a potato plant) , local flora and fauna, and arts (including music: the specimen of printed music on pp. 35-36 represents an early printed example of Native American chants).

T are 2 Editions of this book. One with and one without the owl plate. I believe this to be the first edition, without the Owl plate, which seems to be an emblematic plate of an owl between
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