Disney 1934 âeoeLionel Mickey Mouse Hand Carâe Green Base Version

Disney 1934 âeoeLionel Mickey Mouse Hand Carâe wind-up toy with wind-up key. The approximate overall dimensions of the hand car including Mickey and Minnie is 2âe x 8 1/2âe x 6âe tall.

This toy has one of the more interesting mechanical actions than other similar toys of that era. When the wind-up hand car circles the track, Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures pump up and down the centre hand car furiously. It is quite funny just watching this toy work, for the figures do, indeed, seems to be propelling themselves madly around the track! This auction does not include the track.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are made up of hand painted composition material except for their rubber legs, rubber-coated wire tails and Minnieâe(tm)s red wooden hat. The figures are 4 1/2âe tall and are 100% intact except for 2 thin line cracks in the front area of Mickeyâe(tm)s shoes. The paint is still in wonderful original condition except for light rub wear found mostly on the shoes of both Mickey and Minnie.

The green painted version metal hand car (A red version was also made) is undamaged except for a bit of scratching and t

The orange lithographed tin decal on one side of the hand car is in excellent original condition except for a vertical
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