Disney "40 Years of Adventure" Disneyland Watch

This watch is made by the Disney Time Works. It comes in a red plastic covered box with the number 40 and Mickey is waving from inside the 0. Under the 40 is Years of Adventure Disneyland. On the inside of the lid the watch hangs. It has a brown leather strap. The case is Gold and inside on the face of the watch is the same picture as on the lid.Only the one on the lid is all black but on the face of the watch it is in color. The 40 is in red,Mickey has a pink face and white gloves and of course his shoes are yellow. The Years of Adventure is also in red with black outline. Disneyland is just all red. 12,3,6,9 are numbers but the odd 5 minutes are black dots. On the back of the watch is Limited Edition Commemorating 40th Anniversary of Disneyland 0891/ 1000 Disney. I took this to a jeweler and had it checked and a new battery put in. It has never been worn or out of the box until that time. The jeweler gave it a great review. Good for any Disney collector. The price tag is still attached Watch box has a red protective sleeve it fits into.