Disney Advent Pin Calender A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Wooden *Tree Only* RETIRED (1

Previously owned ** Retired**DISNEY Advent calender designed for DISNEY by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daly. The title is A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. There are NO PINS INCLUDED HERE . This is only the tree. It has been used and displayed. There are sun fade spots on the tree on all sides and on the pink base. It's hard to explain but you add the specific pins in the numbered spots and turn the tree as the days go by. If you have the pins that go with this themed tree you won't see the spots as they will fit over the faded spots. The base has a nick as seen in pictures # 3 through 7. The tree and star are removable from the base for easier storage. I do not have any paper work or the box. Here are the MEASUREMENTS: FROM THE TIP OF THE STAR TO THE BASE OF THE TREE - 16 inches. THE WIDEST PART IS THE BOTTOM OF THE GREEN TREE - 7 inches from corner to corner. Please check all the pictures for a closer look. Picture 9, 10 and 11 show the sun spots the best. # 12 is the add for this when it was new I found on Bing images. This has been used, displayed and loved.
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