This is a Disney Store Aladdin Genie Hourglass Musical Snowglobe with it's original box. It also has the original Disney Store tag still attached to it. The globe is very elaborate with a giant snake (Jafar) in the back and Aladdin and Genie in the front. Princess Jasmine is trapped inside the hourglass. When you wind up the globe it plays "Arabian Nights". Also t is a switch on the bottom that turns on the snakes eyes and the inside of the hourglass. The original batteries are in the globe and they work, but I do recommend fresh batteries since I do not know how long they have been in t The globe is in very good condition and I have displayed it a couple of times. It has some dust. T is a small patch of white glue showing on the right side of the snake's head w it meets the body. The globe came this way and I am assuming the glue was just formed when the globe was assembled (does not distract too much from the overall look). T are also a small dried crusty spot of paint and small yellow line shaped paint splotch on the left side fan part of the snake - I am also assuming it was formed when the globe was made. The box has some wear with small dents. It also has some tears, warping and creases - but still holds strong and still has kept it's shape pretty much. The globe measures about 11" tall by about 6" wide. It also has some bit ... read more