Disney Animated Telco Motionette Christmas Winnie Pooh

Winnie the Pooh



Disney-Telco Motion-ette

For your consideration:

Like new condition, Whinnie the Pooh animated bear is wearing his red and white Chistmas night shirt and red cap trimmed in white faux fur.

He has a light in his right hand and is holding a pot of honey (hunny) is the other. Too cute!!

On his right arm is a plastic tag 'Telco Motion-ette'

Pooh is electric and has a cord with an on-off inline switch. Turn it on...Pooh's candle lights up and he moves his head and arm.

This adorable decoration is approximatly 22" tall. On the plastic base is an addditional plug for adding other decorations.

I bought Pooh at a tag sale and didn't get a box or papers. I tested him out and he works great! He is used, but exceptionally clean!

What a fabulous addition to your Christmas decoration collection!

How perfect to add to your disney decoration collection!

Sure to please!

Don't miss out!

Questions? Just ask.

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