Disney Beauty and the Beast Maquette Set Belle Beast LE

What a great Holiday gift this would make for the "Beauty and The Beast" fan in your life! This is a limited edition pair, Belle and the Beast maquettes from Disney's 30th feature length animated film Beauty and the Beast (1991). She is #233 of 500 and he is #230 of 500. The pieces are numbered but do NOT have COA's. They have been recreated from the original models Disney animators studied during production of the film. They are part of the offering of limited edition maquettes from Disney Art Editions. Both are in excellent condition with no chips or breaks.
The two statues were originally sculpted from conceptual sketches. The finalized sculptures were cast and the resulting maquettes were distributed to animators working on the film. Throughout production, animators kept their maquettes on their drafting tables, frequently studying them in order to achieve a three-dimensional look for their drawings. The Beast's pose comes from our introduction to him in the film when he snarls and growls in typical beast fashion at Belle's father. Belle's pose, with her basket swinging from her forearm, comes from the opening scene in the film when she strolls through the marketplace.
In order to create limited edition maquettes, Disney Art Editions returned to the original maquettes used by animators during the production and made

Note: These maquettes are very heavy (the Beast alone weighs aprox. 17 lbs). So don't be shocked at your estimated cost of shipping.

All sales are final so ask any and all questions before auction end.

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