Disney BIG FIG Figure Statue Lady & the Tramp RARE HTF

is a beautiful BIG figure straight from Walt Disney World!

Disney's Lady and the Tramp

I bought this statue/big fig years ago from Walt Disney World. I have had it stored in the original styrofoam. I think during the move they must have gotten a few chips in the grass. I never got to personally display it but when I inspected t are a few scratches and small chips in the grass. It is not very visable it just blends in with the grass I have a picture of it. If you look hard you can see it but they could easily be painted since you can tell. The Tramp has a few scratches on his arm. I also have a picture of his arm. It could probably be easily painted over but I did not try. You have to really look at him to notice them but they are t Looks like maybe the Tramp feel on lady and landed on the grass?? Not sure. but from a distance you can not see any imperfections.

Maybe I got a display figure...not sure since I bought him so long ago. I was so upset to see them since I never had the chance to display them in my home! My husband wants his garage back so I am selling some of my big figs to make some room!!! I still have the styrofoam and it will be packed safely. Again this is a retired figure and it is so very beautiful. A must have for any Disney collector. I know I paid alot for this beauty but I want them
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