Disney Dave Avanzino DISNEY MGM STUDIOS Icon Letters Shadowbox LE 9/20 Signed

Limited Edition Icon Letters Shadowbox DISNEY-MGM STUDIOS
Artist: Dave Avanzino
#9 of 20
Introduced at the 2002 Disneyana Convention (Disneyana Mystery Event.) and part of the "Walt Disney World Series" of shadowboxes. Mixed media piece with each letter of the words DISNEY-MGM STUDIOS representing a different feature from the park. "G" is representative of the "G" used in The Great Movie Ride and the "T" is fashioned in the design of The Tower of Terror. Every letter as well as the hyphen is three-dimensional. Backdrop features printed titles of rides and attractions from the park. Handcrafted and signed by Artist Dave Avanzino Extremely RARE in that only 20 (plus one artist proof) were created Extremely RARE in that the name "Disney-MGM Studios" was changed to "Disney's Hollywood Studios" in January 2008. Certificate of Authenticity inside a small envelope attached to the back of the frame. Measures approximately 30" x 10" x 2" Artist Dave Avanzino's Website confirms the value of this exceptional work of art is $975. Please see photos Artwork is in perfect condition Frame is in very good condition, with a couple of very minor small scratches/marks as shown in photos. Please note that the small white squares shown in the photos are from camera flash/lighting. Payment is due immediately following the end of auction.
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