Disney ‘Dinosaur!’ (2000) Pete von Sholly Storyboard 63 Pages (1991 Development)

VG condition. ‘Dinosaur Battle’ - the final scene that ends with the prosimians, Suri and Lu, together at last - ‘Fade Out’. This work is from very early in production when the concept included live-action background plates and stop-motion animation. ‘Alladar’, at this time, is a Monoclonius named ‘Woot’.

Drawings by Pete Von Sholly. 63 pages. Over 250 boards. Nice, detailed sequence.

Pete and I worked together some in the early 90s and this is a copy he gave me.

Mark Hallett’s recollection: "...this was a fantasy genre concept piece for a onetime-considered climactic fight between the young Styracosaurus "Woot" (later to become "Aladar" the Iguanodon) and the Grozni Tyrannosaurs (later an unnamed pair of Carnotaurus) for the 2000 Disney film, DINOSAUR! The little furball silhouetted in the foreground is "Suri", a bushbaby-like prosimian that was later, like the dino characters, replaced by the advanced lemurs. This was way back in 1991, when Disney was actually thinking about having a person-in-a-suit do Suri! Oh, the stories I could tell ..."

Wikipedia - While a dinosaur-related computer-animated film had been contemplated for over a decade, the film finally went into production when it did, as "the technology to produce the stunning visual effects" had come about - a few years before Dinosaur's eventual
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