Disney Dollar 1 Dumbo & 1 D-Duck & 1 TWO DOLLAR BILL

Crazy Donald And Sweet Dumbo.
The Anniversary Will Be Gone Soon.
These are getting harder and harder to find , Don't let them pass you " Bye Bye"
This auction is for one new 50th anniversary A series 2005 Dumbo Disney Dollar with Bar Code on back. & One new 50th anniversary A series 2005 Donald Duck Five Dollar Disney Dollar
with Bar Code on Back.
Both are in mint condition.
Plus you will get a 1976 United States TWO DOLLAR BILL .
this bill is in good condition as you can see.
Note serial number may very from the one pictured.
I am starting the bid at $10.00 due to the fact that the face value of the currency is $8.00 total and I would like to make at least $2.00 on the sale. I like to be honest. Thank You And Happy Bidding.
NO RESERVE These are great for a gift for family and friends. Have them framed and hang them on a wall or set on a desk. Get them in plenty of time for christmas. Happy Bidding & Thank You.
Winner to pay 3.50 for domestic shipping & handling & 5.00 International.
All items have a certificate of mailing on file as proof of mailing.
Paypal Only. Will ship out once payment is received.