Disney figurine Little April Shower

This figurine, released by Disney Classic Collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their movie Bambi, is one of the hardest to find and most coveted of their sculptures. Long considered a classic, Bambi's animation is without parallel, and reaches a zenith in the portrayal of the field mouse during the song, "Little April Shower", commemorated This is #2154 of 7500 and is in mint condition. NOTE: this figurine is a much-prized variant in that the raindrop does NOT touch the mouse's paw. This makes it more fragile and more beautiful. Many of the figurines have them connected. Will ship it in its original box. I will pay for insurance. Thanks for looking! Am liquidating my figurine collection in order to start a new business, so be on the look-out for more offerings ( but no more Little April Shower ones, unfortunately).