Disney Happiest Celebration on Earth 6 pin set REDUCED!

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WDW Happiest Celebration on Earth.
It's not a party, It's a celebration series is the 6 day countdown to May 5, 2005. Each are pin on pins and were released starting 6 days before the celebration was to begin with the
6th pin and so on until Tinker Bell shows us t is only one day left.
6 Days to go has Pluto trying to straighten out a slightly crooked blue oval. 5 Days to go has Donald putting the finishing touches on a golden castle. 4 Days to go Has Goofy adding some paint. 3 Days to go shows Minnie having baked a delicious cake. 2 Days to go shows Band Conductor Mickey Mouse and 1 Day to go has Tinker Bell delighted that t is only one day remaining till the start of the Happiest Celebration on Earth, May 5, 2005 All are Pin on Pin and all are LE's