Disney Haunted Mansion 16 X 54 Stretching Portraits Set Of All Four MINT

Welcome Foolish Mortals! Does your cadaverous pallor betray an aura of foreboding? Are you about to sense a disquieting metamorphosis?
Then you must have just beheld this complete set of perfect condition giant sized 16" X 54" lithographs of the famous Haunted Mansion quartet of stretching portraits from both the Anaheim and Orlando iterations of the immortal (!) attraction.
These were sold in the Disneyland Gallery when it was located above Pirates of the Caribbean before the smaller print-on-demand versions, canvas versions and cloth tapestries were available. I bought them all in 1999 or 2000. USPS First Class Shipping with tracking, confirmation and insurance is FREE.
Though I just saw a set of these sell for over twelve hundred dollars on eBay (and one picture was damaged) I am starting this PERFECT set at only 99 cents. I say let the market set the price!
Excellent quality on heavy duty card stock. The thick stock is less like a poster and more like Broadway window cards if anyone collects those and knows how thick those are. Perfect for framing in your own octagonal portrait gallery (gargoyles not included).
Absolutely No edgewear, creases, wrinkles, rips, tears, etc. These are gorgeous!! There was a very large fluorescent light directly
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