Disney INTERACTIVE 50th Anniversary wdw PAL MICKEY doll



PAL MICKEY is an interactive plush Mickey Mouse that allows you to make your way around the WDW resort with your own personal guide, introduced in May 2003. With the advent of the Happiest Celebration on Earth on May 5, 2005, Walt Disney World introduced a new, enhanced version of Pal Mickey . The new Pal Mickey is priced slightly higher than the previous version ($65 plus tax) and is all dressed up in a removable tuxedo jacket. He not only comes with new games and songs, but he also has a brand-new carrying lanyard and a louder speaking voice.

What it is: A 10 1/2-inch talking Mickey Mouse plush toy uses wireless communication technology to provide guests with up-to-date information about the theme park attractions, parades, shows -- he can even tell the time. Pal Mickey's 2005 incarnation includes more than 30 trivia questions, seven sing-a-longs and six games, as well as a brand-new carrying lanyard and a louder speaking voice than the original Pal Mickey.
How it works: Turn Pal Mickey on using the button on his back, then clip him to your belt or waistband, using the pager-type clip provided, making sure Mickey is facing forward. (Note: The current version of Pal Mickey has a lanyard, too, for wearing him around your neck.) As you're walking through
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