Disney 1 Of A Kind Steampunk Mickey 100% Automobile Parts Rare As You Will Find

Disney 1 Of A Kind Steampunk Mickey 100% Automobile Parts As Rare As You Will Find. How cool is this, never seen before. one of a kind Steampunk Mickey. 28" Tall and 18" wide. I just love him but have no more room for him. Hopefully someone will buy him that appreciates the rarity as much as I do. I dont think I would be going to far out on a limb by saying, I don't believe any of you have ever seen anything even close to this and his size. I would venture to say this would be a great cross collectible for the Mickey collector and the lover of collectibles made out of auto parts or that can appreciate the thought process that went into creating this great piece.
T his piece comes from my vast collection of Mickey Mouse Collectibles. At one time my collection had over 11,000 pieces in it. About 95% Mickey or Mickey with another character. I am now downsizing the collection and making these rare and hard to find pieces available to those of you who know quality hard to find pieces.
You can also go to Ode To Mickey Mouse Gainesville. Put that in your search engine where you can read a bit about me and the collection. This article was written when I only had 7500 pieces in my collection. You will see a picture of me with my 6 1/2 foot 700 pound Mickey that was designed by John Travolta for Mickey's 75th birthday. He is also for
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