Disney Lion King stuffed HUGE SIMBA PLUSH 4 foot

Huge 4 foot Simba plush from Disney's the Lion King
He is made by Douglas, Inc, toys, and was available back in 1994. A little background: This Simba was available only through contests at select stores throughout the US, and is a very rare specimen. After the release of the movie in 1994, t was one sent to every Disney Store. Otherwise, I don't believe he was available anyw else, and it is suspected that t were less than 500 made. He is perfect for the ultimate Lion King fan, or Disney fan.
He's sprawled out on my 2-seater couch, and he fits very comfortably! From his head to his rear end he is about 40 inches. He is nearly 5 feet long from the top of his head to the tip of his tail, and he is about 2 1/2 feet wide from his back elbow to his front paw. His tail is about 2 feet. His paws are as big as my hands!
This guy has got to be the BIGGEST SIMBA ever made available to the public! He's like the ultimate collector's pet.
His fur is nice and clean, and he is from a non-smoking home. The only flaw I can see is his pink nose - it's a little dirty and t is a VERY small tear about 2mm long. It's really super small, and I expect the nose will come clean with a damp towel. He is previously loved but not dragged around or spilled on or anything like that. He is in very good condition to go to a new home.
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