Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse *BARNYARD DANCE* Farm Playset includes Minnie NEW

It’s so much fun down on the farm with Mickey Mouse and his silly animal-rounds! Take your animals around on a ride all the way to the top of the silo! Watch as they tip into Mickey’s helping hand and swoosh to the other side activating the windmill!
When all the work on the farm is done, Mickey, Minnie, and the farm animals put on their dance shoes for a hoe down! All the characters dance and twirl away to a fun farm tune, sounds and phrases!
The Barnyard Dance Farm Play set includes Mickey and Minnie figures, three Animal Rounds, and a wheelbarrow There's lots of work to be done on the farm, so kids can start by placing an animal in the position on the platform inside the silo. Raise the platform using the lever at the side of the silo Object will automatically tip out of the opening at the top into the hand. The weight of the animal will power the arm to swing across and deliver it to the windmill. The animal then drops down the windmill chute, powering the blades to spin around. When the work is done, Mickey and Minnie and any one of the animals kick up their dancing shoes on the hoe-down dance floor on the main level. Attach the figures to the foot recesses and with pull of the lever, both characters dance and twirl away. The Farm comes with 2 figures (Mickey and Minnie), 3 animals and a wheel barrow. Includes 3 “AA”
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