DISNEY Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Cookie Jar by Gibson

DISNEY Comic Strip Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar by Gibson Mickey Mouse Vintage Style Comic Strip Kitchen Canister Comic Strip Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar. Wonderful Comic Strip Vintage Style Canister ~ MICKEY MOUSE & PLUTO & Minnie Mouse ~ This new, never used 10" square ceramic cookie jar ~ heavy, weighs nearly 5 LB. VIBRANT COLORS Has the black Mickey Mouse ears finial on lid. Has a different frame of cartoon comic strip scene on all 4 sides. MICKEY: 'whoopeeee!!' MICKEY: 'yay ! I gotta go tell Minnie the news' MINNIE: 'Let take a long romantic stroll together' MICKEY: 'aw gee, am I going to miss the game' MICKEY: 'Minnies face is like a rose...Her eyes like daffodils - her mouth is like a petunis - - naw ! I don't like that !! PLUTO: bewiltered '?' This item is authentic Disney merchandise made by Gibson. Wonderful for the Disney Collector as it is a Replica of Vintage Disney Comic Strip. WELL PACKED & SHIPPING $ 15.00 from 46714 NOTING: Mickey Mouse debuted in the 1928 animated short Steamboat Willie and went on to become the familiar symbol of Walt Disney studios. A cheerful rodent in white gloves and red shorts, Mickey starred in dozens of Disney shorts and the 1940 animated feature Fantasia.