Disney MICKEY MOUSE Decorative Rain Gauge-Indoor/Outdoor Yard/Garden Figurine!

Here is a rare treasure sure to make all MICKEY MOUSE lovers HAPPY - a delightful & captivating rain gauge starring the legendary MICKEY MOUSE! It is approx. 6" in total height, with the gauge able to measure up to 5" of rain and is perfect for an outdoor garden, yard or for a glorious display on a collector's shelf!

This treasure is brand new & comes in 2 pieces- Mickey & the Rain Tube, which easily slides into Mickey's hands, as seen in the above pictures. It is beautifully made, colorful, and with vibrant personality- with MICKEY , as usual, dutifully & happily doing his job of measuring the rain! There is no information on the statue stating what it's made of- I believe it is probably made of resin.

This adorable & useful statue is everything MICKEY MOUSE fans dream about- officially licensed, incredibly rare, shiny, realistic & made with the legendary Disney quality! This MICKEY MOUSE treasure will be an adorable and beloved addition to any Disney display! Indeed, no MICKEY collection would be complete without it!