Disney Mickey Snowglobe Steamboat Willie 75th Rare HTF!

An out of state move is forcing me to downsize and part with my personal collection of Disneyana. This collection has taken me years to put together, many items are rare and/or impossible to find now. These collectibles have been treated with great care and kept behind glass and in curio cabinets. Check my other listings for many other fun and beautiful items.

In this auction you are bidding on the absolutely fabulous Mickey 75th Anniversary Edition Snowglobe Collectible! It features Mickey in original black & white as Steamboat Willie steering the boat inside the globe. A switch keeps the glitter inside swirling around, and lights up the Pilot House. Many Disney friends are along for the ride including, Goofy, Donald Duck, the 3 little pigs, Minnie, Balloo and Mowgli, Dalmation pup, Genie, Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit, Pinnochio and Figaro, Snow White w/ Doc, Grumpy and Dopie, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, as well as Dumbo who animatedly rides up and down as the "Mickey Mouse March" plays. The acrylic base looks like splashing water. One special feature of this piece is that the music is played by a wind-up key on the side of the boat and the light switch is on the back deck of the boat, so you don't have to lift this piece in order to turn it on. Aside from a dime size air bubble this piece is in perfect condition. Don'
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